Lightweight and breathable helping tape to help correct joint problems and over stretched muscles.

ktapeblue tapePro-Tone Kinesiology Physiotherapy Tape Blue is designed & suitable for up to 3 days’ wear to support the muscle, helping correct joint problems and over stretched muscles it is also latex free, lightweight, breathable and Waterproof.

  • Available in Blue and Pink
  • Pro-tone Kinesio Tape also comes with instructions on how to apply the Tape for easy use, including: neck, elbow, runners knee, knee, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, hamstrings, rotator cuff, Achilles, quads, carpal tunnel, rib pain, back (upper and lower), and more
  • Suitable for all sports and athletic pursuits, including: weight training, fitness training, squash, cross fit, endurance athletes, tennis, cycling, running, swimming, and more...
  • Latex free adhesive so your skin isn't irritated
  • Helps; Muscle support, Assisting Lymphatic drainage, Correct joint problems, Avoid & Prevent straining of ligaments
  • Activates with your muscles, increases blood circulation to the area applied and reduces the need for bandages, braces or other restrictive tape


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